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After the 1st year Master

Latest update : 27 February 2015.

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  • Second Year Master Programs of Science

    The completion of the first year Master of General Physics allows to attend various second year Masters of Science at the Paris-Saclay university or in other universities.
    The objective of such a second-year master program (60 ECTS) is to provide students specialized and advanced knowledge in Physics.
    The students can follow their studies for instance in one of the following second year Master Programs offered by the Masters of Physics at the Paris-Saclay university. See THIS PAGE for the (...)

  • Career opportunities

    Master degree in Physics offers challenging, exciting, and productive careers. It can be completed by a PhD Thesis in one of the numerous institutes of the campus Paris-Saclay that opens doors to academic research and teaching careers.
    As a career, Physics covers many specialized fields from basic science to applications in industry or in society using Physics such as production of energy, protection of environment, medical Physics, applications based on nanotechnology…
    Physics offers a (...)

  • General informations on the french Masters

    M1 and M2’s degrees
    In the french universities, one calls M1 (Master 1) the first year and M2 the second year of a full Master program. In many countries, like France, the first and the second years do not have the same name. The 1st year is generally broader with more students, and at the end one chooses the 2nd year one wishes to attend. However, the students usually choose the optional courses of the M1 depending on the second year they prefer. On their CV, students write the name of (...)


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