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Latest update : 23 January 2015.

Here are the conditions of admission to the Master 1 of General Physics at the Paris-Saclay university.

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  • Criteria

    The prerequisite for eligibility to the first year master program, is to hold a Licence 3 in Physics or the equivalent (= three-year Bachelor’s degree in Science) - from any recognized university or institution across the world, including academic institutions in France.
    Students with degrees in closely related fields with significant physics and mathematics background and a keen interest in further physics training are routinely considered.
    There are no specific preparatory courses for (...)

  • Application

    The application form, for applying to the 1st year Master General Physics, consists of a letter of motivation, an updated CV, including the ranks/marks obtained for the previous diploma (plus those already known from the current year) and letters of recommendation from scientific personalities. If you already know it, please indicate also your projects regarding your scientific formation and future career.
    The application procedure must be done on-line through the webpage of the (...)

  • Scholarships

    Students from abroad planning to attend a Master in France can benefit from dedicated grants.
    * First, there are openings for international fellowships (10.000€ per year plus travel costs) at the Master level provided by the Paris-Saclay university. One can access those informations directly via THIS LINK. This call is also available from the Campus France website.
    The process for obtaining such a fellowship is a follows. First the candidates send their applications to attend the 1st year (...)


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