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Latest update : 12 September 2014.

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    International 1st year Master Program for Foreign (post)graduate students and French students [with good level in English] 1st year Master Program in General Physics - 60ECTS - preparing to various 2nd year Master Programs in Science General basic knowledge in Physics and wide range of tracks in which students can specialize: Particle, Nuclear and Atomic Physics, Astrophysics, Condensed Matter Physics, Optics, Lasers and Plasma Physics or Theoretical Physics Large variety of training (...)

  • Contact

    Heads of the 1st year Master :
    Prof. Mathieu Langer (IAS/Orsay)
    Phone +33 1 69 85 85 78
    e-mail –
    Dr. Marcello Civelli (LPS/Orsay)
    Phone +33 1 69 15 69 37
    e‐mail –
    Student help desk office :
    Loeva Remita, [administration,...]
    Kalidiouma Sidibe, [registration,...]
    M1 General Physics, Bâtiment 625 (hbar), Université Paris-Saclay (...)

  • Study plan

    Each student chooses from 2 to 3 Major courses on basic notions, among a list of 4 courses detailed HERE.
    It is also mandatory to select between 2 and 3 advanced Minor courses among 7 suggested lectures (see their respective content HERE).
    Concerning the internship in a host academic / industrial laboratory of the student’s topics choice, one can either follow a normal internship (during 8 weeks) or a long-term internship (10-14 weeks).
    Students can also follow a training within the (...)

  • Class schedule

    The academic calendar year is split into two semesters:
    - The first semester (Fall Semester) starts in september and finishes in december.
    The second semester (Spring Semester) begins after the Christmas holidays, in january, and it ends up in march.
    Below are provided the PDF files with the timetable and locations for all of the classes.

  • 1st year Master description

    The international General Physics master program is dedicated to foreign students as well as French applicants having sufficient knowledge in English.
    The international 1st year Master (60 ECTS) provides an undergraduate diploma in General Physics at the highly regarded university of Paris-Saclay (gathering together the Paris-sud university at Orsay, prestigious engineering schools around and research centres).
    A description of this 1st year Master is also available on the web page of (...)


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