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Latest update : 6 August 2016.

Welcome to the interactive platform of the 1st year Master General Physics...

Articles in this section

  • Lecture Notes

    The course and tutorial notes corresponding to the Majors, Minors and Tools of the 1st year Master General Physics can be directly downloaded from THIS LINK, using the Adonis Login and password (Paris-sud university account).
    The structure of this link is organized using the Acronyms (2 or 3 capital letters, like PNU for "Particles, Nuclei and Universe") whose list is indicated HERE.
    Complementary and related notes, as well as course manuscripts covering standard prerequisites for the (...)

  • Online Books

    The Dawsonera online system [CONNECTION HERE] allows all the students of the 1st year Master General Physics to consult, read and print from scientific english books on various thematics in close relation with the Master Programs.
    Please find here quick tutorial videos to PREVIEW, DOWNLOAD and COPY from an eBook.
    In order to connect to the Dawsonera interactive platform, the students must use the login and password that have been provided personally to them. After the (...)

  • Moodle

    The Moodle system of the Paris-Saclay University, called ECAMPUS, may be used by the students and teachers of the 1st year Master General Physics. It is located at this LINK. The process to create an account is explained at this link; in case of technical questions, one can send an e-mail to or contact "N Dragoe" at This interactive interface allows in particular the pedagogical organisation of the Tools, Minor and Major (...)


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