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The prerequisite for eligibility to the first year master program, is to hold a Licence 3 in Physics or the equivalent (= three-year Bachelor’s degree in Science) - from any recognized university or institution across the world, including academic institutions in France.

Students with degrees in closely related fields with significant physics and mathematics background and a keen interest in further physics training are routinely considered.

There are no specific preparatory courses for the 1st year Master of General Physics; the necessary scientific background is detailed for each lecture (see the details on the Programs pages).

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In making admission decisions, several measures are taken into account. Among these measures are grade points from previous studies.

The candidates should have a level of english sufficient to follow scientific courses, since for all the lectures of this international 1st year Master the teaching language is English. Hence, the English knowledge is considered. Formal performances like the TOEFL examination are not mandatory.