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Students from abroad planning to attend a Master in France can benefit from dedicated grants.

* First, there are openings for international fellowships (10.000€ per year plus travel costs) at the Master level provided by the Paris-Saclay university. One can access those informations directly via THIS LINK. This call is also available from the Campus France website.

The process for obtaining such a fellowship is a follows. First the candidates send their applications to attend the 1st year Master General Physics [M1GP] (as described here). After individual evaluations, the M1GP Jury selects some of the approved applications to recommend those for a fellowship provided by the Paris-Saclay university (the students cannot apply by themselves). Then the selected students are spontaneously contacted and have to send their official demand for the grant to the Paris-Saclay university. A Paris-Saclay committee takes the final decisions regarding the attribution of these international fellowships.

If you plan to apply for this Paris-Saclay fellowship, please
respect the following deadlines.

Here is the important date for the Paris-Saclay grant application,
— unique session:
Candidate application to be sent before the 16st of May, 2021 (11:59pm).

* Secondly, the European Erasmus+ Programme is intended to facilitate student exchanges by promoting inter-university mobility and connecting european students with participating Erasmus+ universities.
There exist funding possibilities regarding this structure (MORE DETAILS HERE).
Some European student associations have developed related webpages (see here or here).

For any questions regarding the Erasmus+ Programme, please contact the correspondent for the international mobility of students for the Physics Department of the University Paris-Sud, namely Mathieu Langer (contact details here).

* There are french local grants as well for students at the Master level (CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS).

* Informations about the Eiffel scholarships for the Master Program can be found HERE.

* For students from India, it is possible to apply for the Charpak fellowship (CLICK HERE AND HERE FOR DETAILS).

* Finally, there exist scholarships based on social criteria; for those, please contact the "Crous de Versailles" via THIS WEBPAGE.

* The students might also look themselves for specific funding possibilities provided by international organizations (ONU, UNESCO, OMS,…).

* See also THIS LINK.

Attached documents

  • Application Form (Word – 2.3 Mb)

    => for the Paris-Saclay scholarship application.