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1st year Master description

The international General Physics master program is dedicated to foreign students as well as French applicants having sufficient knowledge in English.

The international 1st year Master (60 ECTS) [1] provides an undergraduate diploma in General Physics at the highly regarded university of Paris-Saclay (gathering together the Paris-sud university at Orsay, prestigious engineering schools around and research centres).

A description of this 1st year Master is also available on the web page of Paris-Saclay.

The 1st year Master also proposes a range of double diplomas and joint degrees via alliances with certain (inter)national academic partners.

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The program is supported by a large number of top-level worldwide research laboratories and industries associated to the novel Campus of the Paris-Saclay. The students are therefore immersed in a lively scientific research and high-tech industrial environment ensuring a large variety of training possibilities, which guarantee strong connections to both research and industry (see the page on the scientific research activities at the Paris-Saclay university).

The one year program offers general basic knowledge in Physics and covers a wide range of tracks in which students can specialize: Particle, Nuclear and Atomic Physics, Astrophysics, Condensed Matter Physics, Optics, Lasers and Plasma Physics as well as Theoretical Physics.

The 1st year Master lectures cover most fields in fundamental physics; the students can select their programs of interest among a list of proposed courses, which allows them to be well prepared to several highly specialized Masters 2 of Science in the next year (see the links on the M2’s in physics at the Paris-Saclay university).

The structure of the 1st year Master program incorporates several types of modules:
(i) Major courses on founding principles and basic Physics
(ii) Minor courses on various advanced and specialized topics
(iii) "Tools" lectures on useful techniques in computing, analytical/numerical methods of calculations, signal processing and detectors
(iv) Experimental physics classes with a wide selection of installations
(v) Research project / Training in academic or industrial research laboratories
(vi) Language courses in French / English.

Further informations about the pedagogical content of each provided course can be found on the link for the program.
The 1st year Master offers a flexibility in terms of subject choices that can be shaped towards oriented directions or transdisciplinarity.

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Students can also attend an extra program including seminars from various topics in physics given by world-known scientists.

The objective of the first-year master program is to provide students with general basic knowledge in Physics, with orientation towards more specialized programs offered during the second year of master.

The whole two-year master program aims at preparing students for either PhD studies in their field of specialty or various professions in industry and public organizations.


[1The degrees at university in France are divided into Licence - Master (120 ECTS) - Doctorate [L: 3 years, M: 2 years, D: 3 years], a common system in european universities in the Bologna processes.