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Integrating Program

The Integrating Program includes classes in experimental Physics, projects within research teams [academic or industrial laboratories], seminars in various fields of Physics, supporting lectures and language courses.

Language courses

- Lectures 24 hours (1st Semester) -

(Roselyne Debrick)

Language courses are provided, either in French for foreign students or in various other languages for french speaking students.

The French lectures belong to the so-called FLE (Français et Langues Etrangères) and are part of the common program for international Masters. The person in charge is Roselyne Debrick <> . The informations can be found HERE. If you have indicated, during the Welcome Day, that you will attend the French lectures, you are automatically registered and in the mailing-list for organizational aspects. The general M1 GP time table contains the informations on the French course. All French (FLE) lectures are located at the common language center:

Building Eiffel ("Centrale Supélec" School: see the GoogleMap), 3rd floor, 8-10 Joliot-Curie street, Gif-sur-Yvette.

The Room numbers are indicated near the secretary’s office [FLE Room LC 353]. Informations (in French) can be downloaded from below.

The students, arrived too late to do the standard placement test and to register to the French course FLE MASTERS INTERNATIONAUX, have to register to the course FLE PLURIEL HEBDO (1st semester). The pre-registration must be done as soon as possible HERE. The students should then confirm their registration at the FLE secretary (from the 23rd to 27th of September) by mentioning that it is a mandatory course. The number of teaching hours per class is 2 hours and there are 12 classes. The grade systems are identical in the programs FLE PLURIEL HEBDO and FLE MASTERS INTERNATIONAUX. In FLE PLURIEL HEBDO, the lectures take place once a week, after 5:30pm; the day depending on the exact French level of the student, it will be communicated after the placement test (please check the compatibility with the M1 GP time table). First lectures are in the beginning of October. Informations are at THIS LINK.

For other language courses, please visit THIS LINK in order to check yourself the compatibility with your general time table (given your personal study plan), then to register for the courses and to see the lecture locations. The contact persons are Sylvaine Perrichot <> and Carmel Keane-Davies <> (persons in charge) or Véronique Patamia <> and Céline Dulac <> (secretary).

For exchange program students (in particular Erasmus), please register independently for the French classes by visiting THIS LINK and following the instructions in the section FLE HEBDO OUVERT A TOUS "FLE PLURIEL" : COURS DE FLE SEMESTRE 1 ET SEMESTRE 2. Note in particular that you have to pre-register using the form (Google doc) mentioned on this site.

Experimental Physics (mini-­experiments in various platforms)

- Laboratory Work 50 hours (1st & 2nd Semester) -

(Carole Gaulard)

2-3 Mini-experiments to be chosen among the following items:

Signal processing (IAS, IEF)

Radioactivity and cosmic radiations (IPN, Iolanda Matea)

Platform JANNUS-Orsay (CSNSM)
The Platform couples a 2 MV Tandem accelerator (ARAMIS) and a 190 kV ion implantor (IRMA) to a 200 kV Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM FEI Tecnai G2 20).

Nuclear Physics with Tandem accelerator (IPN)

Pollution control (LPG-UVSQ, Pierre Tardiveau, Philippe Bousquet)

Observational Astrophysics (IAS)
- Radio astronomy
- Optical astronomy
- Nanoscience

Neutron spectrometer (LLB, see the link)


Condensed matter 1 (Magistère, Paris-sud):
- Magnetization measurements: from paramagnetism to superconductivity (1 day)
- ESR: magnetic anisotropies of ultra-thin layers for magnetic (1 day)
- Superconductivity: conductivity measurements, quantitative study of flux pinning, SQUID basics (1 day)
- Noise measurements, fundamental constants (1 day)

Condensed matter 2 (Platform PMCM):
- X-rays structure determination : from crystals to soft matter (1 day)
- NMR : from Zeeman effect to local studies of the structure of materials (1 day)
- Micromagnetism : Magneto optic imaging of domains and walls (1 day)
- Spintronics : Giant Magneto Resistance (1 day)

Labs in SOLEIL synchrotron facility (see this web page):
- Phase transitions in a 2D world: solid surfaces (8 hours)
- Electron diffraction and X-ray diffraction for the study of condensed matter (8 hours)

Internship and Research project

(Marcello Civelli, Tiina Suomijarvi)

The Internship is a guided work in an academic (or industrial) research laboratory.

The Research project is an active participation to a research working group one day per week.

All the informations about the research project and the internship can be found HERE.

Seminars and supporting courses

Students can attend extra programs including seminars from various topics in Physics given by world-known scientists.

Supporting courses can also possibly be suggested.

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