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The application form, for applying to the 1st year Master General Physics, consists of a letter of motivation, an updated CV, including the ranks/marks obtained for the previous diploma (plus those already known from the current year) and letters of recommendation from scientific personalities. If you already know it, please indicate also your projects regarding your scientific formation and future career.

The application procedure must be done on-line through the webpage of the Paris-Saclay university (CLICK HERE TO APPLY).

There are three sessions for applying, with the following deadlines:
— 1st session deadline: 15th of April, 2021 (opening date: 1st of January, 2021).
— 2nd session deadline: 15th of July, 2021.
— 3rd session deadline: 5th of September, 2021.

Non-european students, from certain countries only, must in addition apply to Campus France (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATIONS).

For any questions concerning the application, please contact the student help desk [].